Last week I came to my parked car and wondered, why someone had thrown a spare bike tyre next to it. Coming closer I realised that the drivers mirror was broken – someone had driven against it. No sign of the culprit though. I reported the hit and run to the police and had it fixed. Not nice, no. The impressive costs hurt and to have someone damage my car and not take responsibility for it hurts, too. I won’t use swearwords, though. The backside of this was: The new mirror has a slightly altered design which prevents the darn thing from whistling all the time. I had fixed the whistling by taping a Walkers chip – bag around (probably the fact that it is a Walker’s bag had nothing to do with it, but it was the best thing at hand at the time – and the whistling was annoying). So dear idiot – if you come back, would you please hit the right hand side back door next time? I will park accordingly. The window is leaking and the door doesn’t close properly at all times. It would also be nice if you left your address on my windscreen to make sure I can get the money from your insurance. It would save me a lot of trouble and money. The smaller investment was to exchange the suspension. Now it eventually is a car – before it was a ship. A floating and – yes – whistling ship.