Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Sunday 31st May 2015

Very cold until about next Wednesday, with precipitation at some stage daily on most mountain areas – falling as a mix of heavy showers and periods of constant precipitation. There will also be thunder. As the cold weather continues, mainly on the Scottish Highlands, there remains considerable snow cover, this blocking access to some routes. There are strong indications of a change in weather pattern around the middle of or later next week, with pressure building in the vicinity of Britain, to bring increasingly fine, and later in the week warm weather – northwest Scotland slowest will be coldest. – Well, if the MWIS isn’t right there: we had 1,5 degrees today!!!

Die Kurzfassung: Es ist nahezu unglaublich  kalt. 1,5 Grad. Celsius und auf 400 m Höhe. Aber die Stimmung ist  gut, nur ein Signal bzw. WIFI finde ich grad keines. Bald!!!