And sometimes – very unexpectedly – you find, that the omphalos – the middle of the world – is not on a hilltop or in a city centre. When I was 18, I went to Finland to visit my penfriend in Kemi. Since the kids there are not allowed to go into a pub before they have turned 18, they had taken to meet at a huge carpark in the middle of some big supermarkets. Whoever had a car came there with open windows, played music out of the radio and drove around the car park from time to time. Quite similar the picture at the car park next to the Königssee in Berchtesgaden/Schönau. Where during the day thousands of Japanese tourists gather to take one of the boats to sail over the lake, you find a very different population in the evenings. Romanians sit in front of their cars and cook food, the kids play with balls and tennis or simply chase each other. Tents grow around their cars, with sacks of sand instead of pegs to hold the fragile constructions in place. Some guys gather around a car with an open front and look at the motor, from time to time one of the huge cars (or tiny cars, but with loud roaring motors) starts the engine and roars as loud as possible, while it drives once around the car park. Kids play soccer with rollerblades, holding their smartphones in their hands while doing so and balance a cigarette in their mouths at the same time. Of course, the smartphone plays some rap songs. In the background flashes a McDonalds-sign, that gives off a yellowish light, similar to the lamps that light the whole car park. Next to it park the motorhomes with their satellite bowls on top, all looking towards the impressive silhouette of the Watzmann, where dark clouds begin to gather. Some people dry clothes over the open doors of their cars – until the rain sets in accompanied by flashes and thunder. Suddenly everyone disappears into their respective homes for the night, the kids jump in the car and drive off with one last big roar, leaving only exhaust fumes. And slowly the whole car park gets to rest. It is quarter past nine, apparently it is time to go to bed.